Ash Wednesday service at the Tennessee State Capitol

Pastor Ingrid organized an impromptu Ash Wednesday blessing service in the halls of the Capitol building. “There is hope and we will make it through this wilderness.”

Southern pastors link arms in prayer as Tennessee lawmakers convene

Pastor Ingrid was one of the organizers of an event praying for change and the August 2023 special session of the Tennessee legislature. We were able to encircle the state capitol in prayer… and we’re hoping the words took flight in the hearts of the legislators.

New mission church brings Gospel parable to life

Rev. Neelley shared our story with United Methodist News. This article gives some background on bringing two congregations together and how our communities have combined to passionately pursue mercy, grace and justice in our larger community.

The Award-Winning Microhome Village

The Village at Glencliff won an Excellence in Development award from Urban Land Institute Nashville–which aims to shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities worldwide.

You can find out more about the award and ULI here.

Glencliff Puts Faith in Action

A team from United Methodist Communications joined in some of the actions regarding gun safety legislation and awareness in the Spring of 2023. Leaders from Glencliff UMC helped organize these events. You can hear from both Rev. Ingrid and Rev. Ryan in this episode produced by United Methodist Communications.

Confronting Legislatures

We believe that all human beings have a right to flourish. In order to ensure that right, we need to confront policies of death. Glencliff UMC has been involved in many recent actions, including the Moral Monday action on April 17 and this special action April 5, 2023–as detailed by News Channel 5

Risky Discipleship

Members of Glencliff United Methodist Church knew that their congregation had declined immensely, and was at risk of eventually closing. Instead of focusing on what they lacked, they focused on what they HAD. A lot large enough to care for those experiencing homelessness after being released from local hospitals.